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Venetian Polished Plaster

Polished Plaster was developed around two thousand years ago. It has been used as a finish by Egyptians, Romans and Greeks to provide a durable yet beautiful coating to mimic natural stone.

In recent times the product has been developed using modern materials to provide additional colour and texture to the finish. This makes it ideal for feature walls and bespoke artwork.

This material is a very versatile method of wall covering and has been applied by us in a variety of different environments from retail outlets & hotels to offices & residential properties.

Polished plaster can be used to create many different types of effect, from the Smooth finish that gives a polished stone slab look and the Spatulata finish which can be applied to create a highly polished oynx effect, to the more textured finished of pitted, dragged and travertine which mimic the natural grain and features of quarried stone.

We can match most colours with this material (to within a shade or two) using our large colour data base or by mixing new colours using natural earth pigments. Once the surface has been plastered, it is then treated with a natural wax. This provides a protective coating and also enhances the depth of the shine.

We can also use the material to create design work within the wall coating such as blockwork and panellising. This gives the impression of a building that has been constructed from high quality faced stonework.

We also have a range of bespoke finishes that have been developed for our clients specific needs. These include everthing from metallics to distressed/aged plaster coatings.

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